Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rockawalkin Presbyterian Church from 1767

Rockawalkin Presbyterian Church

           This church no longer exists but a picture from a book entitled Maryland’s Colonial Eastern Shore: Historical Sketches of Counties and of Some Notable Structures by Swepson Earle and Percy G. Skirven shows what it once looked like.  Today there is a brick memorial to remember the church.  Major Alexander Roxburgh (Scottish background) was a member of this church.  He fought in the battle of Brooklyn in August 1776 and also served in the Southern Campaign.

Major Roxburgh eloped with the granddaughter of Levin Handy (Pemberton Hall). One could easily walk between the church (on the left hand side of Nanticoke Road going from Salisbury to Nanticoke, on the west side of Riawalkin Pond).  The next time you pass Riawalkin Creek give thanks to God and to people like Major Roxburgh who stood for freedom at great cost.

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