Thursday, August 24, 2017

British Fleet of 265 Ships Sighted in the Chesapeake Bay (240 Years Ago)

British Fleet of 265 Ships Sighted in the Chesapeake Bay

August 24, 1777

If you cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge keep a sharp eye out for a large British fleet consisting of 265 ships. The British fleet was sighted last on August 7 off the Atlantic Coast at Sinepuxent Island (near Assateague Island and birthplace of Stephen Decatur Jr. who later became a hero during the Barbary Wars). Intelligence sources makes me think that they will land tomorrow near Worton Creek (near Chestertown) or Elk Landing (near Elkton).

If only Lambert Wickes had been around! Wickes is not known well in either the United States or his home area of the northern Eastern Shore of Maryland. Lambert Wickes and his brother Richard came from Rock Hall, Maryland. In June 1777 Wickes with his crew on the Reprisal, Nicholson with the crew of the Dolphin and Captain Johnson of the Lexington wrecked havoc on British shipping around Ireland. All that Wickes did was capture 18 ships in 18 months but died later in 1777 on October 1 off Newfoundland as he was coming home for repairs.

We lost 3 ships in the Chesapeake Bay when the British fleet came through. Wickes would have been terribly outnumbered but one wonders just what he would have done in the situation facing 265 British ships. Would he have gathered other smaller ships and larger ships in the area and tried to make a futile stand or would he have opted to fight another day? This author's conjecture would be that he would have gone down fighting. If he could have taken out 3 ships, that would have weakened the coming land force by that amount. We eventually lost the battle of Brandywine. If Wickes had diminished the British force just a little, that little bit might have turned the battle.

Back in June 28, 1776, Lambert Wickes' broke through the British blockade of the Delaware Bay. An American privateer ship called the Nancy arrived from St. Croix and had 300 barrels of gunpowder for the Patriot cause. Lambert put his younger brother Richard in charge of the Nancy to get the gunpowder off. Richard and the crew had taken off over 200 barrels when the British blew them up. Richard Wickes and the crew of the Nancy died on the actual day that the Declaration of Independence was agreed on- July 2, 1776.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

North Wicomico River to Parker Mill Pond

North Wicomico River to Parker Mill Pond

Would the HMS Roebuck made it up to Parker Mill Pond?

Every February I try to remember the events of February 1777 at Parker Mill Pond.

I am sure quite a few people are thinking to themselves, "How could a British 44 gun ship make it all the way up to Parker Mill Pond in February 1777?" As stated several times previously, things are not the same as they were in 1777. There are two dams in that area. One is on Isabella Street and the other is at present day Leonard Mill Pond (which was called Parker Mill Pond back in 1777). I took a walk between the dam and across the little bridge and behind the baseball field at Leonard Mill Pond. The Wicomico River is only 15-20 feet across in this area. However there is a lot of standing water on the left side of the nature trail which makes me think that this was part of the original river. The nature path could be part of the original river bed if a lot of dirt was put in there with some project.

Here is an idea for a contest for art programs: to draw a picture of the HMS Roebuck in Parker Mill Pond dropping off field pieces. Maybe a mural could be painted at the Wicomico County visitor center.

Did some group like the Civilian Conservation Corps change the river bands during the 1930s or was some of this done during the dam project at Leonard Mill Pond?

As always, remember the Ninth Regiment from the Eastern Shore of Virginia which helped Salisbury out immensely back in 1777.

Friday, November 18, 2016

1776 DELMARVA booksigning at Book Bin in Onley, Virginia on December 3, 2016 from 10 AM to 12 PM

Phil Webster will be in character as John Jay on December 3, 2016 at Book Bin in Onley Virginia to sign his book "1776 DELMARVA: Defending Delmarva During the American Revolution."

In 1777 the Ninth Regiment of Virginia played an unsung heroic role in denying the British and Tories an operational base on the Delmarva Peninsula. At the end of 1776, Continental Congress fled from Philadelphia and the capital of the country was in Baltimore until March 1777. John Hancock said that he had information that an invasion was planned of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In February 1777 a 44 gun ship named HMS Roebuck came up the Wicomico River and dropped off three field pieces for the local Tories who had assembled about 250 men strong at Parker Mill Pond (Leonard's Mill Pond between Salisbury and Delmar Maryland today). Captain Dashiell of the local militia asked for help and the Eastern Shore of Virginia answered the call. About 2,000 came from the Ninth Regiment from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The Tory leaders were caught and the British and Tories were denied the operational base on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Check out this story about the participation of people from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware during the American Revolution.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

African American Soldiers from Maryland in American Revolution

Thanks to Owen Laurie of the Maryland State Archives, I am honored to pass on this list of African Americans who helped fought in the American Revolution from Maryland

First Name Last Name Start End Unit Term Vol 18 Other

*Black Boy Gim 1776 Magruder's co, 3rd. Batt (Ewing), Flying Camp 38 drummer DAR

*Nace Butler 1776 1783 2nd MD Fifer; Pension: DAR

*Charles Fenton 1776 Burgess' co., 3rd. Batt (Ewing), Flying Camp 41 morgan; source of race?; no fold3 matches DAR

*Francis Herd 1776 Young's co., 3rd. Batt (Ewing), Flying Camp 54 "a servant"; morgan

*Malcolm McFee 1776 Howard's co, 2nd. Batt (Hall), Flying Camp 53 morgan; pension: DAR

*Adam Adams 1777 1st MD Pension: DAR

*Henry Williams 1777 4th MD? Pension: DAR

*Anthony (Negro) 1778 War 317 AA Co; substitute DAR

*Abram Brissington 1778 1st MD 3 years 82; 317 AA Co; substitute; dead or deserted DAR

*Thomas Carney 1778 5th MD Pension: DAR

*George Dias 1778 1783 5th MD Pension:; POW DAR

*James Due 1778 1783 5th MD 199; 394 Race per census; Pension: DAR

*Francis Freeman 1778 2nd MD served war 109 discharged, 11/1/1780; morgan; pension: DAR
Cato Jarvis 1778 1779 7th MD 220 Race guess based on name; d. 1783

*Valentine Murrin [Murray?] 1778 1781 3rd Md 229; 545 Member of MD Line arrested in NC for robbery, 1780, per this page: DAR

*Jeremiah Pearl 1778 1778 Drafted as vagarant, but discharged because he wasn't. See MHM 103:1, p. 22-23 DAR

*Cupid Plummer 1778 1782 2nd MD 151; 318; 550 Race guess based on name DAR

*Obediah Plummer 1778 1782 2nd MD 151; 318; 550 Race guess based on name DAR

David Randel 1778 1779 2nd MD discharged; race from aom 47, 249--right guy? DAR

Philip Savoy 1778 1st MD War Pension: DAR

David Wilson 1778 5th MD Pension: DAR

Thomas Batterson 1780 7th MD until Dec. 10 369 AA draughts; date ca. DAR

Edward Blake 1780 1783 346; 455 race from aom 46-460; date ca. DAR

Jacob Blake 1780 1781 Pension:; race per NEED TO CONFIRM RACE

Edward Chambers 1780 3rd Md Pension: DAR

Lazarous Harmon 1780 1783 1st MD 356; 442; 493; 539 race:; Pension: DAR

Indian George 1780 4th Md 336 Not black, but an Indian, presumably; draft/deserter; unit based on Lt's service DAR

Cato Snowden 1780 1783 4th Md 397, 458, 487, 556 Race guess based on name; date ca.

York Waters 1780 1781 2nd MD 175; 559 race from aom 43, 82 DAR

Absolom (Negro) 1781 382 PG draughts DAR

Bristol 1781 militia 387 TA Draughts DAR

George Bueley (Beverley) 1781 4th MD 9 months Pension: has good details of service: Lost discharge: "Being young and careless I have long since lost it." DAR

Pompey Colless 1781 1781 FR militia 653 Race guess based on name; same as Pompey Hollis DAR

Dick (Negro) 1781 until Dec. 10 385 DO draughts; DAR

*Henry Dorton 1781 1781 militia Served in VA as well; Pension: DAR

Pompey Hollis 1781 1783 4th Md 397, 403, 459, 511 Race guess based on name; d. 1783 DAR

Ned (Negro) 1781 militia date ca.; MO draughts; did not appear;
Spindilow 1781 militia 387 TA Draughts DAR

Saladdy Stanley 1781 4th MD Pension: DAR

Tower (Negro) 1781 militia 400 HA draught, substitute; discharged, had to support family; DAR

William Balentine 1782 2nd MD 422 deserted;, p. 46; DAR gives as "Balontino"

Job Buley 1782 3rd Md 424; 474 race per: DAR

Isaac Carr 1782 419; 470 race per:

Jeremiah Carter 1782 1783 530 race per:

Charles Davis 1782 2nd MD War 422, p. 46 DAR

John Greenwood 1782 1783 537 race per:

Phineas Hewey [Harvey?] 1782 1783 62; 422; 170 race per:

John Lain 1782 last name sp?; race per:

George Price 1782 race per:

Christopher Reyner 1782 1783 423; 471 race per:

Randall Skly 1782 422, p. 46

William Taylor 1782 race per:, p. 48

George Pemberton 1780-81 militia draughted by mistake? Service card is unclear.; date ca. DAR

John Adams Member of MD Line arrested in NC for robbery, 1780, per this page: DAR

William Anderson started as servant/slave; fought in various units; from MD? Pension rejected: DAR

Stephen Phillips Laws 1820, Res. 37, aom 625-176; another Stephen Phillips in vol. 18--was a sgt DAR

Christopher Poynos 2nd MD Unable to locate any documentation of his service, but he is reported as a soldier in multiple sources DAR

Thomas Thompson Member of MD Line arrested in NC for robbery, 1780, per this page: DAR

Leonard Turner Member of MD Line arrested in NC for robbery, 1780, per this page: DAR

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mount Harmon American Revolution Reenactment On Saturday October 29, 2016 American Revolution reenactors came to Mount Harmon in Cecil County, Maryland
This picture takes one back in time to camp life during the American Revolution
Camp site with tents at Mount Harmon
American troops at Mount Harmon
Mount Harmon Plantation

Monday, October 10, 2016

Easton News Center booksigning Saturday October 15, 2016

There will be a booksigning of 1787 FAITH at the Easton News Center bookstore in Easton Maryland on Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 11 AM to 1 PM Phil Webster will be there in character as John Jay, the First Chief Justice who also served as President of the American Bible Society.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Green Hill Church near Whitehaven, Maryland

Green Hill Church held its annual Worship Service on Sunday August 21, 2016 on the Sunday nearest to St. Bartholomew's Day.
Its official name is St. Batholomew's Church.
During the American Revolution, the Monie Company of the Princess Anne Battalion of the Maryland Militia bivouacked inside this church.
Here are some pews and brick floor.
The church is within 100 feet of the Wicomico River.
USGenWeb Somerset County MDGenWeb Somerset County Maryland Militia Revolutionary War, 1780 Princess Anne Battalion, Monie Company Here is he list of men who served in the Monie Company, Princess Anne Battalion, Somerset County Maryland Miltia, Revolutionary War 1780. Thanks to John Wallace, Sr. for sending this list in! Names are spelled as they appear on the list. Captain: Thos. Irving 1st Lieutenant: Jno. Dashiell 2nd Lieutenant: Jno Jones Ensign:Gowen Wright Sergeants:Robt Jones, Wm Jones, Wm Lawes, Wm Sassen Corporals:Wm McDorman, Wm Phebus, John Woolford, Jno Wright Privates: George Abbet, John Abbet, Joseph Austin, Loyd Abbet, George Austin, Jarvis Ballard, Wm Ballard, Wm Ballard (of Arnold), Thos Borman, Joseph Cantwell, John Cavender, Oliver Coston, George Dorman, Jesse Evans, Ezekial Foskey, James Galloway, Isaac Gibson, John Handy, Berry Horner, John Horner, Wm Horner, John Hopkins, Levi Johnson, George Jones, George Jones (D.Q.), Jno Jones (D.Q.), John Jones, Thos Jones, James Kelley, Wm King, John Laws, Jno Laws (D.Q.), James Lecount, James Martin, Jno Martin, Thos Martin, Thos Martin, Junr., Wm Martin, Henry Walston Miles, Thos Moor, James Muir, Thos Noble, George? Phebus, Junr., John Phebus, John Pheubus, Junr., Edmund Price, Ballard Reed, James Reed, Barkley Roberts, Edwd Roberts, Jno Roberts, Underwood Roberts, Rich Roe, Ben Sasser, Junr., John Sassen, Levin Shorey, Wm Shelton, Lill? Simmons, Wm Smith, Wm Stewart, Michl Timmons, David Wallace, James, Wallace, Richd Wallace, Henry Walston, Joseph Walston, Wm Webb, Jabez Webster, John Webster, Mesheck Webster, Wm Webster, Frans White, John White, Junr., Thos White, Jno Windsor, Junr., Wm Windsor, Henry Wingate, Henry Wingate, Phil Wingate.