Saturday, February 28, 2015

Parker Mill Pond Update Feb. 2015

Parker Mill Pond Tory Staging Area Threat Stopped Before February totally leaves us, here is a remembrance of the Parker Mill Tory Staging Area Proactive Effort on mid-February 1777. John Hancock, President of Continental Congress in Baltimore stated that he had received information of a British invasion of "the Eastern Shore of Maryland." • HMS Roebuck delivered three field pieces (cannon) for the Tories in the area • Captain Dashiell with only about 100 militia in the area, asked for help to counter the assembled Tories who had about 250 in the area. • The Upper and Western Shore of Maryland sent 980 men. • The Eastern Shore of Virginia (Ninth Regiment) sent 2,000 men. • When the Tories saw such numbers against them, they scattered (maybe along Stage Road?). • The leaders were caught and taken to the Cambridge jail and were tried later at the Talbot Courthouse.

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